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Review of the latest HORTI ASIA digital talks #2
Post-harvest Loss Briefing: Technologies and Management
Thursday, 26 November 2020 | Time 3-4 PM (ICT) / 9-10 AM (CET)

The HORTI ASIA digital talks about Post-Harvest Losses addressed the avoidance of losses by improved process management and handling of crops as well as opportunities to fund projects of cooperation to introduce new technologies.

In an impressive example Dr. Rose Rolle, Senior Enterprise Development Officer at FAO, showed that “as the technology improves we already achieved a 70 – 80 % loss reduction” in mango processing. This was achieved with quite simple technologies, such as washing Mango fruits with warm water to stabilize the fruit skin against damage. Dr. Arshad Ahmad Pal, Postharvest Specialist at the World Vegetable Center India made clear that farmers are not always aware, that already during harvest they have strong impact on the quality of vegetables. “The damage is not visible at that time. But its effects can be seen further down the value chain” and reduces quality and prices for all stakeholders. This means, that “reducing post-harvest loss is not just bringing in new technology. You really have to look in value chain upgrading” added Martin Gummert, Senior Scientist at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) from The Philippines. To achieve this, it is clear that money plays a role. Thus, Thomas König, Advisor for Development Cooperation at DLG, Germany, informed that “the German government provides funding addressing both, private investors and NGOs”.

Naturally, the discussion during the talk was about which technology can be introduced and how regional structures influence the success of knowledge transfer and technology awareness.
Step into the discussion and get detailed information on technologies and funding tools to reduce post-harvest losses by watching the recorded digital talk.
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