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Netherland Embassy and Horticultural leaders’ firm ‘Horti Asia 2022’ The important trade fair for the Asia region!

[Bangkok, Thailand] The Netherlands Embassy, in collaboration with VNU Asia Pacific and DLG Thai, co-organized the press conference event of Horti Asia under the theme “Challenge & Solution for Asia Horticultural business.” The event will be held on the 25th of April 2022 at the residence of the Netherland’s Ambassador, Dr. Gijs Theunissen, DVM, the Netherlands Agricultural Counsellor. First, the Netherlands Ambassador delivers his welcome remarks and opens the event, followed by the pitch presentations from seven companies, each of which shares different knowledge from their perspective.

Dr. Gijs Theunissen DVM, The Netherlands Agricultural Counsellor state that “the challenge of the Netherlands Innovation for Sustainable Horticulture in Global Context is to find the safest and most sustainable food source. The link between food, agriculture, genomics and technology is very important. It is crucial to produce with a low impact on climate with the help of technology. The private party along with the research institute and government sector are working closely together to improve Horticulture. In HORTI ASIA, the agriculture people can learn lots of ideas to solve the business challenges, as well as understand more on the sustainability in horticulture.”

“AGRITECHNICA ASIA & HORTI ASIA, the agricultural and horticultural machinery community for Asia, is once again ready to meet face-to-face in Bangkok. Due to the ease of international travel and entry into Thailand, we have 150+ companies exhibiting with us and 300 brands from 26 countries showcasing their innovations at the fair. The trade fairs are supported by the official co-host, the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC), and also have a new partner country, Vietnam, for the first time. We have 30+ comprehensive conference programs and networking events for all attendees to attend during the three days of the trade fairs, as well as a new business pavilion that will focus on smart farming for more sustainability and trend topics such as Vertical Farming and Cannabis Production” says Ms. Panadda Kongma, Director of Agribusiness and Operations, VNU Asia Pacific.

Dr. Soontorn Pipitsangchan, President of Horticultural Science Society of Thailand says “Agriculture is Thai heritage passing down from generation to generation.  Agriculture and farmers are also the country’s backbone. HORTI ASIA can help us to update the knowledge and get a better understanding of precision agriculture, food safety and agricultural sustainability in Thailand.”

Dr. Wirulda Nik Pootakham, Head Genomics Research Team, National Science and Technology Development Agency of Thailand said that “NSTDA is working on the Genome technology which plays an important role in Horticulture. We have 3 main genomics services which are Seed purity testing – to test hybrid plants, correct the type before selling and DNA marker (yield result in 2 days). DNA sequencing -we employed short-read and long-read sequencing technologies. And the last is Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) techniques such as reduced representation library (RRL) sequencing, targeted enrichment sequencing or amplicon sequencing have been used to study genetic variation in populations.”

The Greening Tourism with Horticulture; Agro-Tourism with Gastronomy presented by Ms. Supattra Lertwatanakiat, Senior Expert (Fruit Crop), Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. She said, after 3 years of pandemics, Agro-tourism is the new solution to the tourist industry. The new source of learning center and relaxation. The strength of Agro tourism is that it’s happening all year round. We can travel anywhere in the country and find something new and interesting. Thailand has all kinds of resources: good seasonal fruit, excellent Thai dessert, Quality coffee and other dishes that are filled with good benefits.”

Mr. Manuel Madani, General Manager of Priva South – East Asia (SEA) is talking about Greenhouse Automation for Sustainable Vegetables System. He said that “Next-generation entrepreneurs can lead Thailand to the global top. New entry growers are tech orienteering, young, and love controlling and automating things. Services like automating greenhouses and indoor facilities around the countries. Trending across the world food with a story, crafted, and made sustainably are businesses of the future. Today PRIVA is solely leading the global industry with self-driving greenhouses and vertical farming. Additional we also have the free online course which the agriculture entrepreneur can attend by themselves.”

“The local farmer is one of our main visitor groups. This year, we will have the Thailand Smart Farming Pavilion hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. In this pavilion, we would like to show that smart farming is not only for large-scale farmers but also for everyone including small-scale farmers. For instance, in another scope, using mobile applications or working with drone service providers. We would like to discuss together with young smart farmers, who will be sharing the best practices and challenges”, states Ms. Katharina Staske, Managing Director of DLG Thai.

These discussion topics are the preview of the show, and the visitors can gain additional insight and interact with them personally at the trade fair this May!

For the free ticket, please register at https://online-register.org/ata/register/index.php?code=media325

AGRITECHNICA ASIA & HORTI ASIA, 25-27 May 2022 at the BITEC, Bangkok.

Pre-register now at www.agritechnica-asia.com / www.horti-asia.com | Call us +6621116611 [VNUAP]

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